Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Random India

If you are one of the citizen who are spectator of recent Indian political scenarios, who enjoys everyday lies, truths, revelations, promises, hatreds and etc. If you are the person who felt there is hope for change according to the events happened in past few years. If you are the person who doesn’t took any stand on any political party or ideology but remained as proud for being Indian citizen, who consistently wanted a change in the governments way of working and the living status of marginalize and oppressed. If you are the person doesn’t had opportunity to get into the system to clean it but always hoped to
 Have a pat! I am one of you.
 No longer politics and parliament a secret chamber. No longer messages communicated are linear model without feedback. Participation of citizens in politics increased at the least of courage to like and dislike through social media. The dissatisfaction on experienced political institution and doubtful hope on emerging political institution is the current trend. The genuinenity of all the elderly representative in parliament is questioned by one single word “ Corruption”. Will the newly elected representatives of new institutions stay non-corrupt till their tenure? Will the existing representatives wake up and transform overnight to be non-corrupt further?
 Everything is a Question Here. This very same question comes in mind of responsible voters during every election. But this time question is same but answer to this is likely to be anticipatory.
 Diffusion of television technology seeded hope of transparency and distribution of information, Objective is accompolished but not the way it meant . More than information diffuser it name as “Idiot box” . The capitalistic domination on the ownership of television made television to emit selective information with biased mask. Of course the power dominated and the poor rejected. Television struggled in between investors and rulers. To some extent people got the information, Information was sent through television and we received it.
 The complete Paradigm shift or emergence of hope was when WEB 2.0 prevailed. The power of giving feedback was enabled by Web 2.0 to common man. This power of common man threatened and threatens big capital and political structures. This is evident through all the uncertain political scenario of today India. We all witnessed revolutions evoked by social networks in many parts of the world. This ability of Web 2.0 not only enabled accessing citizens to transform their former role of being only voters and spectators also shaped the way of television broadcasting. Television channels are bound to change due to participation of public into politics directly or indirectly through social media equips them as demanding audience. It is responsibility of all the citizens who accesses Web 2.0 to represent the other side of digitally divided population.
 Now to all the politicians of world largest democracy, it is time for you to change or you will be changed. Next five years of Indian politics is crucial, difficult and important. Whosoever comes to power don’t act as politicians acts a representatives. Don’t act as power rulers’, act for poor people. If you fail, People no longer remain silent. People are watching you, People are connected. You can buy print media, you can buy Television media but you can’t buy the power vested on common man and women through Web 2.0. No longer, promises made are wet crackers, No longer power is dictatorship. No longer, citizens are short term memory losses. No longer, silence is silence. No longer, change is myth.
 With more confidence of change

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