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Religion - Is that a gang with a leader who is God with set of rules and regulations and which constantly maintains the separatism from other believed Gods and instructs the followers that even killing is not a sin if it is to maintain the brand image of their God.

Or a way of life which request the followers consistently to practice good values so that he / she will lead a better life. All the religion one way or other wanted to teach good values which are the instructions for better living. But the greedy mind of those who took hold the responsibility to transport the religion from one generation to another cleverly manipulated and reconstructed the real beauty of the teachings. From the ultimate aim to route the followers to lead a peaceful and loving life, it diverted to money making, fanaticism building and to spread its root and branches widely so that inclusion of more number of followers to compete with other religions.

We dont know, For sure we are confused. If not we , I was confused to the core. One fine Sunday Eucharistic celebration with sermon in middle took me to travel in reflection about confession. When the priest consistently reinstates few things repeatedly in every 5 minutes. Being the year of faith , of course his intention is to glue the devotees to the church which he/she belongs to. On analyzing about every word uttered during the sermon, the word "Confession" disturbed me and it was confusion that time. 

On looking at all the solutions Jesus Christ gave in various situations according to bible clearly says that He mainly worked on the perception change process and He wanted to create a chain reaction of CHANGE. Even though He has the unlimited power to make things done in millionth of second but he used teaching as a tool to make change in the lives. He strongly believed in a change which occurs in chain reaction. He always wanted His followers to live as an example for being GOOD so that people who observe, meet, understand and follow them would tend to change. The Chain Process.

When i look at the confession from the perspective of Chain reaction there are things to reflect. Confession is an act where we want to ventilate all the issues which stagnate in our mind floating with guiltiness, the act out of fear, intentional mistakes and unintentional mistakes. On end of every confession the person who confesses consoles him/herself. The process of confession happens in two way.

1. Confession to Priest/Closed ones. Inter personal Communication
2. Confession to God. Intra personal/Trance Communication

Confession to Priest - Interpersonal Communication

In Catholic church Priest considered as a medium through which God communicates with people and people tend to perceive and accept the priest as God. Recent days this belief is questioned by radical thinking and it is hard to see priest as representative of GOD. So they confess to priests perceiving him as mortal representation. In case of other religions they confess to most trusted person in closed circle. So here, an interpersonal communication is happening whether it is a priest or trusted person. The person who wants to confess actually communicates the things which he/she only knows( a secret) to other person. Most of the time confessions are  about the sins we committed. When we confess to the priest or trusted person the next event in both the cases is transfer of the content to other receiver(God in case of priest and another person in case of Trusted person) or kept secretly within themselves in both the cases. A message starts from a primary sender(the confessor) to primary receiver (the priest/most trusted person) and then it may/may not transferred to secondary receiver. In both the cases the transfer of message stops and comes to an end whether it is transferred to secondary receiver or not.

Confession to God

This is most convenient way to confess straight to God with a promise to not to repeat it again. In this trance communication the confession message is maintained very secretly even after the transfer process accomplished. The message again stops at primary receiver. God is not dumping place of all our sins but He allows for some extent to dump our sins with a condition that those sins are rectified and not repeated. It is good to take this way and reduce our sins rather taking God for granted and continue dumping our sins.

The main purpose of confession is to accept the sin we committed and deciding not to repeat it.When this was the main purpose, above processes are not creating a chain reaction.

If we are true followers of Christ then i believe we should show Him through our living. My reflection is on how to convert this confession process into chain reaction of change.According to me the following has the capacity to create chain reaction.

Confession to victim of your sin

This is most difficult task, hard and brave task to go to person to whom we committed sin and confess it. Jesus lived very hard life in earth. Ofcourse it is hard to show the Christ who is within you in this sin full world .When we confess to the person to whom we committed sin we are not only communicating that we accept our sin and will not repeat it in future but also teaching him/her the process of confession and power of confessions. When we confess we are breaking our image, status and fake mask which we wear everyday and it creates an opportunity to forgiveness then turns into love and then to Peace. The deep inner peace we get when we confess to the victim of the sin makes us stronger and it regulates us in future since we have not kept the confession as secret. As Christ wanted when we give an opportunity for forgiving to victim he/she will experience the Christ in You. It is damn sure that not all the confession will end in forgiveness, sometimes with punishments and we should be ready to accept it. Because we believe in God who showed non-violence is the best tool for any change.

(Following are the "going to follow" reflections in my blog)
Love others as u love yoursef
Put yourself first
Dont hesistate to help
Get the team

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