Monday, September 5, 2011

The Immortal

One fine day,
A normal usual day,
Morning walk for comfort,
Nobody there to disturb...

Three legs makes me bold,
Tremors, which remind me old,
Dad of my grey haired son,
who don't want to show me to his son..

Loneliness compensated by walk
Until that day which turned at park
A kicked ball fell on my face
Two kids hesitate to ask...

Offering fair deal business,
To get rid of my loneliness,
Let me play with you kids,
At least you, help me kids.....

Reminded about my grand children
To whom my presence forbidden
Started with self introduction
Kids shared their passion

She want to become a doctor,
He want to become a pilot...
Astonished seeing their determination
Appreciated their dream of destination

I wish, Kids should get what they wish
A question, which demolished my wish....
Why you killed me ?
Why you killed me?

Echoing words piercing my ears
Revolving sky diffusing my eyes
Heart plugged out from ribs
Terrible , I cant express my mind dips

Sudden realization, Everything was illusion,
Nightmare imagination..
It is unfair to convict me in this case
It is not me who to abase

They came,
If not i am
He unloaded truck of reasons
To unload divine creation

Etc and etc of justifications
Unborn to reach final destination

It is part of my job
I am paid for that crap
Willing or against
Moral or immoral
But those voices are immortal

I was an abortionist

-John F Romeo

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