Thursday, September 1, 2011

Intoxication of smile...

Something flowing in my heart
A nameless urge…
Someone became special
Sudden twist of life…
Flying while I walk
When holding your hand…
Arrested by your eyes
Cognitive quarantine

That day
That time
That place
With her…
We spoke,
We smiled,
We laughed,
We ran,
I said , she said
We learned,we showed………
Why is that angels dance around me?
Why is that everything blankened around me?
Why is that time stood still?
Why is that air smelled so sweet?

Intoxication of emotions
Conflicts of thoughts

Waving understanding
Radical temptation

Controlled surroundings
Uncontrolled feelings

Strom of love
Breeze of lust

She said no
I said yes
I said no
She said maybe…
Blaming the mind
Not the fate…
Expressing desires
Contradicting wish..
Yeh girl.. you girl.. listen to my heart
It is singing for you
Hoping you hear
Hoping you join
Nothing else than a word
Hope you see me and know me…

Baby just tell me that you can see me…
That you can feel me…
That you love me…

-John F Romeo


  1. i love the headline itself.. great bro u getting me into the feeling of wat u had felt while making this..nalla iruku.. :)am gonna copy ur way of presenting he he

  2. sir... u proving ... u realy great... i love t.. :)