Sunday, September 4, 2011

The inevitable

Very new inherent feeling,
I knew,it is a deep inner longing, 
Can sense arousing touch of your sight,
Dancing hormones slashes my weight...

Surrendering to love,
Cupid in sky glow...
Getting lost in cloud of lust
Waiting, Who will start first?

Horizontal gravity of an intentional pull,
Moving closer, a lovable will...
With acknowledgement of your eyes,
Lips that volunteers ,

Elapsing time with collapsing attention,
Mixing soul through colliding emotions,
Sketching fingers stretches sensation,
Can't wait urge , fleshy attraction,

Devilish hunt of hungry organs,
Unleashing hidden dragons,
Wild desire electrifies viens,
Implementing action, teenage dreams.

Search confusion disturbs patience,
Reaching the destination, Pleasureful violence,
Entering and accepting, fulfilling evolutionary duty
Master of ceremony, organs of fertility

His and her conjugation,
Colorfull blankness at culmination...
Everything fine with proper precaution...
Sweet pain of human mime.
Inevitable act , when next time?

-John F Romeo

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