Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes , i am

Born as baby,
named after a saint,
grown as child,
played as kid ,
breathe like everyone...

Faint first time
with pain and stain ,
Understood that i am "woman"
the world around me
started to surround me....

the preference and difference
took over to write my life...
the talk altered my walk,
looks prioritized my talk.....

I eat because we used to eat,
I grow,
I don't have regulator...

My skin is simply black
I cant go change the things happened in back...

I do , I go, I live
never felt that i am not beautiful...
then realized i am not inside the criteria
of this worldly beauty ness........

enlightment! that my mirror was lying till today
thanks to young man who said i am ugly

I carry a fat face
why the hell people show different face

"I am big fat ugly black woman"
If I can delete a single word in above statement
I will progress in the human rankings from last..

I am fat , I am strong
yes,I am ugly not unkind
yes, I am poor not cruel
yes, I am black not blank
I am woman not inhuman
I am proud to be
Big fat ugly black poor woman

- John F Romeo

Outcome of conversation with my friend....

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