Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Merror- an intentional mistake

She showed me
I perceived it
accepted it
That image became me
That it is i am....

I grow, It grow
It never failed
to wear the dress
which i wore,

Even hairstyle,
Even wrist watch..

I love seeing it...
I started love feeling it
One moment
but not sudden...

I felt it,
not few times...
I am standing before me...
can sense change in me
from he to she

Stunning eyes looked dry
its desperation to dye
black bordering eye...

My legs avoided long steps
hips wanted to shake..

Pants, eww....
Shirt uncomfortable..
Thin fabric with texture can cover me
I am standing before me..

Friendly boys became erotic
enemy girls became friends
I love seeing me
I love not being usual me

Change, Transformation...
Harmonal disguise...
Periodic stainless her'ism

I am standing before her..
I am her..
No dilemma..
no want buisness..
no option..
I was already..
Get set go...
Being her...

No lies, No manipulation
No exaggeration..

Virtual Clone in flat dimension
Standing Clown, that is my reflection..

-John F Romeo

Transgenders in India still wounded by explosives of humiliation, their family nonacceptance,societies unacceptability and their portrayal..
everyone of us are biological slaves like them..

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