Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Job, An assignment...
To feed my child,
I need to slaughter feeding child..

For and against,
Revenge and gain...
Dirtying in the name of

Defense is to defend
not to offend...
Modern Cannibals
worship bloody  clouds,
which darkens the light...

Golden flames caused,
Time paused,
For many stopped...

Infinite reasons
In indefinite forms..
Hell of war season

Human history was not fine story,
History after decades
will be worst story....

Devils are jobless,
Outsourced to humans

Sickness of seek'ness
Skilled humans to kill humans..
A command,To pierce in
to taste fresh pumped blood,
To sprinkle brain crystals,
To plug out organs..
Dissemination to prey..

An official affair
War and death...
Craziness of merciless,
An apocalyptic prophesy

Graved love
carved enemity..
A killing game.
Children play virtually
Adults play manually....

Dust and iron rust,
Bones and stones are lying remains..
Ultimate lie'ing  conclusions..

-John F Romeo

Devils are jobless....

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