Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Act against an Act

Time and event,
That space , that moment,
Forgot,who i am....

I did,it happened,
An unacceptable probability,
don't want reality...

A mood with justification
for my ideology satisfaction

An system created,
Measure to precaution,
Laws and Understandings...
To safeguard,
to escape,
Everyone of us
From everyone of us...

Group of people
Community of culture,
bundle of phobia'ns,
Caught me, covered me...

Conditions are against me
Situations not for me...
An Act against my act..
Conclusion, ?...

Flashing Arguments,
Accepted rules,
Non hesitations
Result on ruled paper..
That i am no fit to survive...
I am not fit to live with other survivors...
Death Sentence
A Sentence to evict my breathe...
Branding , unwanted, unfit creature..

Order to delete me
Note, no ctrl+z.
Revealed, my exit date
with combo time...

Watched movements,
Questioned minutes
No chat, Surrounded gate ..
I am already Dead

But still,
A rope is waiting to reach its destiny,
My rewritten destiny...
hoping chance, which is forbidden

A time machine,
To take me forward
to the time humans realise,
Killing for killing is not human...
How they realized
Humans have rights,

-John F Romeo

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