Monday, December 19, 2011

Just go on

With a spark of thought
Peeps up an idea

Stops you what
Just go on

Talent is not inborn
Actually it is never born,

Time and tide
are not for one side,

Every moment elapsed
will not return even it is spelled

Death and breath
common gift of life,

Earthly humans are
equal in evolution,

Never ever think
you need special thing,

It is the try
which will make you fly

Good or bad
Stop not in between

Hesitate not, thinking about want's
Just start chasing is what all wants

Will to go on
will pull rest on



Monday, September 26, 2011


To you,

One and only you.

Controlling not to ask you why

I cant, why?...

No reasons can claim justification...

No situation can defend innocence..

You are still a wanted dream..

You are still my hearts steam...

I learned to go with the way you decided ...

I wanted to look from distance

You measured...

I never felt alone,

Because i never let you go long..

My love are the memories of anxiety at a point of time...

When you proved you are not mine.

U really cant understand how i felt apart..

How painful to carry space through my heart..,

-Jo Ro

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Curtain fall

Conquer my tears...
Happiness to it fullest ,
my heart tears..

No meaning,No definition,No explanation,No words
Simply convocation of standing ovation..

Feeling completed, how sweet people are..
Relaxed, God sake! not the expected result ..

Mission accomplished , accolade sensation
Worthy to share with next generation...

Greatest moments are always blank,
Colorfull,yet blank

Appreciation , manna for my starving passion,
Steering factor of elation..

More than fame,
More than breathe..
More than anything..
in the collision of palms
my destiny heared ...

I am an artist....

 -John F Romeo

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A spark (1)

Audience claps,
Hero's Act...
Decide what you want to be...

-John F Romeo
SPARK is series of small simile poems... Spark will be published periodically hereafter...:-)

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Immortal

One fine day,
A normal usual day,
Morning walk for comfort,
Nobody there to disturb...

Three legs makes me bold,
Tremors, which remind me old,
Dad of my grey haired son,
who don't want to show me to his son..

Loneliness compensated by walk
Until that day which turned at park
A kicked ball fell on my face
Two kids hesitate to ask...

Offering fair deal business,
To get rid of my loneliness,
Let me play with you kids,
At least you, help me kids.....

Reminded about my grand children
To whom my presence forbidden
Started with self introduction
Kids shared their passion

She want to become a doctor,
He want to become a pilot...
Astonished seeing their determination
Appreciated their dream of destination

I wish, Kids should get what they wish
A question, which demolished my wish....
Why you killed me ?
Why you killed me?

Echoing words piercing my ears
Revolving sky diffusing my eyes
Heart plugged out from ribs
Terrible , I cant express my mind dips

Sudden realization, Everything was illusion,
Nightmare imagination..
It is unfair to convict me in this case
It is not me who to abase

They came,
If not i am
He unloaded truck of reasons
To unload divine creation

Etc and etc of justifications
Unborn to reach final destination

It is part of my job
I am paid for that crap
Willing or against
Moral or immoral
But those voices are immortal

I was an abortionist

-John F Romeo

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The inevitable

Very new inherent feeling,
I knew,it is a deep inner longing, 
Can sense arousing touch of your sight,
Dancing hormones slashes my weight...

Surrendering to love,
Cupid in sky glow...
Getting lost in cloud of lust
Waiting, Who will start first?

Horizontal gravity of an intentional pull,
Moving closer, a lovable will...
With acknowledgement of your eyes,
Lips that volunteers ,

Elapsing time with collapsing attention,
Mixing soul through colliding emotions,
Sketching fingers stretches sensation,
Can't wait urge , fleshy attraction,

Devilish hunt of hungry organs,
Unleashing hidden dragons,
Wild desire electrifies viens,
Implementing action, teenage dreams.

Search confusion disturbs patience,
Reaching the destination, Pleasureful violence,
Entering and accepting, fulfilling evolutionary duty
Master of ceremony, organs of fertility

His and her conjugation,
Colorfull blankness at culmination...
Everything fine with proper precaution...
Sweet pain of human mime.
Inevitable act , when next time?

-John F Romeo

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Intoxication of smile...

Something flowing in my heart
A nameless urge…
Someone became special
Sudden twist of life…
Flying while I walk
When holding your hand…
Arrested by your eyes
Cognitive quarantine

That day
That time
That place
With her…
We spoke,
We smiled,
We laughed,
We ran,
I said , she said
We learned,we showed………
Why is that angels dance around me?
Why is that everything blankened around me?
Why is that time stood still?
Why is that air smelled so sweet?

Intoxication of emotions
Conflicts of thoughts

Waving understanding
Radical temptation

Controlled surroundings
Uncontrolled feelings

Strom of love
Breeze of lust

She said no
I said yes
I said no
She said maybe…
Blaming the mind
Not the fate…
Expressing desires
Contradicting wish..
Yeh girl.. you girl.. listen to my heart
It is singing for you
Hoping you hear
Hoping you join
Nothing else than a word
Hope you see me and know me…

Baby just tell me that you can see me…
That you can feel me…
That you love me…

-John F Romeo

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Job, An assignment...
To feed my child,
I need to slaughter feeding child..

For and against,
Revenge and gain...
Dirtying in the name of

Defense is to defend
not to offend...
Modern Cannibals
worship bloody  clouds,
which darkens the light...

Golden flames caused,
Time paused,
For many stopped...

Infinite reasons
In indefinite forms..
Hell of war season

Human history was not fine story,
History after decades
will be worst story....

Devils are jobless,
Outsourced to humans

Sickness of seek'ness
Skilled humans to kill humans..
A command,To pierce in
to taste fresh pumped blood,
To sprinkle brain crystals,
To plug out organs..
Dissemination to prey..

An official affair
War and death...
Craziness of merciless,
An apocalyptic prophesy

Graved love
carved enemity..
A killing game.
Children play virtually
Adults play manually....

Dust and iron rust,
Bones and stones are lying remains..
Ultimate lie'ing  conclusions..

-John F Romeo

Devils are jobless....

Act against an Act

Time and event,
That space , that moment,
Forgot,who i am....

I did,it happened,
An unacceptable probability,
don't want reality...

A mood with justification
for my ideology satisfaction

An system created,
Measure to precaution,
Laws and Understandings...
To safeguard,
to escape,
Everyone of us
From everyone of us...

Group of people
Community of culture,
bundle of phobia'ns,
Caught me, covered me...

Conditions are against me
Situations not for me...
An Act against my act..
Conclusion, ?...

Flashing Arguments,
Accepted rules,
Non hesitations
Result on ruled paper..
That i am no fit to survive...
I am not fit to live with other survivors...
Death Sentence
A Sentence to evict my breathe...
Branding , unwanted, unfit creature..

Order to delete me
Note, no ctrl+z.
Revealed, my exit date
with combo time...

Watched movements,
Questioned minutes
No chat, Surrounded gate ..
I am already Dead

But still,
A rope is waiting to reach its destiny,
My rewritten destiny...
hoping chance, which is forbidden

A time machine,
To take me forward
to the time humans realise,
Killing for killing is not human...
How they realized
Humans have rights,

-John F Romeo

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Merror- an intentional mistake

She showed me
I perceived it
accepted it
That image became me
That it is i am....

I grow, It grow
It never failed
to wear the dress
which i wore,

Even hairstyle,
Even wrist watch..

I love seeing it...
I started love feeling it
One moment
but not sudden...

I felt it,
not few times...
I am standing before me...
can sense change in me
from he to she

Stunning eyes looked dry
its desperation to dye
black bordering eye...

My legs avoided long steps
hips wanted to shake..

Pants, eww....
Shirt uncomfortable..
Thin fabric with texture can cover me
I am standing before me..

Friendly boys became erotic
enemy girls became friends
I love seeing me
I love not being usual me

Change, Transformation...
Harmonal disguise...
Periodic stainless her'ism

I am standing before her..
I am her..
No dilemma..
no want buisness..
no option..
I was already..
Get set go...
Being her...

No lies, No manipulation
No exaggeration..

Virtual Clone in flat dimension
Standing Clown, that is my reflection..

-John F Romeo

Transgenders in India still wounded by explosives of humiliation, their family nonacceptance,societies unacceptability and their portrayal..
everyone of us are biological slaves like them..

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes , i am

Born as baby,
named after a saint,
grown as child,
played as kid ,
breathe like everyone...

Faint first time
with pain and stain ,
Understood that i am "woman"
the world around me
started to surround me....

the preference and difference
took over to write my life...
the talk altered my walk,
looks prioritized my talk.....

I eat because we used to eat,
I grow,
I don't have regulator...

My skin is simply black
I cant go change the things happened in back...

I do , I go, I live
never felt that i am not beautiful...
then realized i am not inside the criteria
of this worldly beauty ness........

enlightment! that my mirror was lying till today
thanks to young man who said i am ugly

I carry a fat face
why the hell people show different face

"I am big fat ugly black woman"
If I can delete a single word in above statement
I will progress in the human rankings from last..

I am fat , I am strong
yes,I am ugly not unkind
yes, I am poor not cruel
yes, I am black not blank
I am woman not inhuman
I am proud to be
Big fat ugly black poor woman

- John F Romeo

Outcome of conversation with my friend....